Bert De Beul

ZT (Bert)

the Antwerp gray school




Bert De Beul (1961) has developed a very personal and innovative style. He makes small, concealing canvases in several layers, where he paints his own memories, as it were. He holds different view (lees meer...)

Guy Van Bossche (1958) is another name associated with that of Tuymans and De Beul. He is older than the former and made figurative canvases in the early 1980s.

Van Bossche would then paint more subtly and enigmatically, also starting fr (lees meer...)

Marc Vanderleenen (1952) is perhaps the most 'pessimistic' painter of the so called 'Antwerp gray school'. His often dirty green, gray blue or pale brown canvases offer implicit images of decay, loneliness, anonymity and implosion. (lees meer...)