Twee bedden (G)

Olie op doek (71 x 58 cm)

Tuymans/Van Bossche


Guy Van Bossche (1958)

Guy Van Bossche (1958) is another name associated with that of Tuymans and De Beul. He is older than the former and made figurative canvases in the early 1980s.

Van Bossche would then paint more subtly and enigmatically, also starting from photos from newspapers and magazines. Van Bossche created spaces in which every human presence seemed to be banished: hospital halls, prison cells, empty buildings ..., or he painted scenes with anonymous people, such as beach scenes with bathers. Another theme in his work is the way in which the viewer repeatedly fills in the images he sees, depending on the time: the painted image of a child, for example, is read completely differently in the post-Dutroux era than before. The powerlessness and anonymity of violence are also recurring themes. Masks, skull caps or bags: Van Bossche paints a loss of identity, imminent violence, false harmony and mental cruelty. At the same time, this is not a narrative painting, but a representation of mental pollution images.